House in Q2 / Santiago Viale (archdaily)

Architects: Santiago Viale
Location: Mendiolaza, Córdoba,

Area: 364 sqm
Year Project: 2015

B+B House / Studio MK27+ Galeria Arquitetos (Archdaily)

From the architect. The arrival at House B+B – the access to the social area – is through an architectural trajectory, via an open ramp, located on the eastern side of the construction. This space is protected by hollowed-out concrete elements to the side, which create surprising effects of light and end up functioning as protection from bad weather conditions. It is an interstitial space between the protected inside of the construction and the open garden. The ramp, long and smooth, extends the transition from interior to exterior creating the constant sensation of environment changing. This solution was vastly used by Brazilian modernism, which consecrated the radical use of ramps as a way of vertical circulation while reaffirming the Corbusian precepts of architectural promenade. There is an intentional uncertainty about the character of this space: internal or external? The reference to modernism lies also in the wall of hollowed-out elements, renowned from the 30’s in Brazil, as a solution to be reproduced on large scale, very appropriate for the tropical climate since it allows for shading without blocking of the fresh breeze. The social area of the house creates a sensation of coziness and comfort, in an open space, without any structural interference for the organization of the furniture layout. A 3.5m sliding door allows the kitchen to be completely integrated to the dining room. The counter used for food preparation is behind the window overlooking the ramp and receiving the ‘constructed’ light, filtered by the hollowed-out elements. Thus, the kitchen becomes a lit-up space and a pleasant ambient. Different than the usual solution, the rooms are on the first floor – in direct relation to the garden – and can be also accessed internally via a staircase connected to the living room on the top floor. The wooden elements on this floor’s facade allow for the internal control of the sunlight and thus provides for a great thermal performance. The use of ‘raw’ materials such as exposed concrete and wood give a lively aspect to residence, constantly changing over time. The architecture of B+B House sought to create a cozy, welcoming space, an intimate home as much for the daily lives of the residents as well as for the reception of friends in social gatherings. 54812550e58ece2a3a00005e_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_b_b_plans-4_copy-1000x672 54812567e58ecea9dc000050_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_b_b_plans-5_copy-1000x468 54812550e58ecea9dc00004e_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_b_b_plans-3_copy-1000x746 54812530e58ecea9dc00004c_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_b_b_plans-2_copy-1000x674 5481252ce58ece2a3a00005b_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_b_b_plans-1_copy-1000x678 5481261fe58ecea9dc000057_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-24--1000x666 54812730e58ece2a3a000077_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-40--922x1000 5481274ce58ece2a3a000078_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-42--872x1000 548125d3e58ece381500005c_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-17--983x1000 548126b7e58ecea9dc00005c_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-35--855x1000 5481265de58ecea9dc000059_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-27--938x1000 5481281de58ece2a3a00007e_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-54--1000x666 5481257fe58ecea9dc000053_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-8--812x1000 548125dae58ece2a3a00006a_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-18--823x1000 54812832e58ece2a3a00007f_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-55--1000x913 54812808e58ecea9dc000064_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-51--749x1000 54812597e58ecea9dc000054_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-11--1000x951 548125b1e58ece2a3a000067_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-14--1000x666 54812536e58ece2a3a00005c_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-3--1000x633 548127c5e58ecea9dc000063_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-48--922x1000 548127a0e58ece2a3a00007b_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-46--844x1000 548125c6e58ece2a3a000069_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-16--666x1000 548127d6e58ece3815000069_b-b-house-studio-mk27_mk27_casa_b_b_fernando_guerra-49--1000x971